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At the August 2015 ABCD Conference in Manchester, Willow Leaf Publishing gave away a special printed note card for choir directors that contained the top ten most important hints and tips from our author, David M. Howard. These "Hot Tips" are given extended treatment in his book, Choral Singing and Healthy Voice Production. The note card is easily carried, inserted in a notepad or breast pocket, and has proven very popular, with stocks now running low. The good news is that David's "Hot Tips" are reproduced below; if you wish to print your own copy you may now download a high-quality PDF below. David is passionate about helping all choir directors enhance the sound and performance of their choirs and when we asked David what he considered were the top ten things all choir directors should remember he presented us with this "Hot Tips" note-card.

If you find the "Hot Tips" are a good memory jogger, then why not pick up a copy of Choral Singing and Healthy Voice Production and enjoy the benefits of having a permanent portfolio by your side of tips and advice from an author who has spent years putting them into practice at rehearsals and performances around the world. David's book is being heralded by both critics and practitioners as one of the most concise, useful guides available on the singing voice and the practice of choral singing and directing. Choral Singing and Healthy Voice Production is available from Amazon on-line who will ship internationally direct to your door.  We are confident your purchase will become a reference source to which you will turn repeatedly.